Mark Alan

I have been involved in art in one form or another as long as I can remember. Every thing I do is self taught, I think that's what makes art fun and creative for me. Trying to figure out how to dabble in deferent mediums, genres and techniques. Now, I'm not one to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to, each new endeavor is researched and carefully planed and hopefully executed successfully!  If not, OH WELL!  I'm just trying to enjoy the ride and experience what life has in store for me! I'm not going to go quietly to the grave! I'm the one who will be sliding in head first in a cloud of dust! WAHOO!! That was a hell of a ride! Can we do it again?!!

I am completely ambidextrous. Writing, drawing, sculpting and even the chop sticks, which is probably why my right and left brain play tug of war so often!  A favorite party trick of mine is to grab two pencils and start writing  sentences with both hands simultaneously, or to start drawing a picture using both right and left hands together. Try it...

A couple of years ago I was in a local clay shop getting some terracotta clay for another project that I was starting. I noticed some Cernit clay all dusty high up on a back shelf while I was poking around, taking in the positive vibes of the earthy surroundings. I picked up a package and later that year made an elf for Christmas. 

I was searching the web for epoxy for another project and I found a product called Magic sculpt. While searching their site I found a link to Renée Coughlan, she use's magic sculpt to make ears and repaints Barbie's.   Also during the search, I found a link to Jill Willich.  Once that you have seen her work you are truly inspired... and I bet you can see where this is going! That was the start, I found a link to Prosculpt and ordered a block.  

A couple of year back a golfing buddy and I put together a book about the official rules of golf. We've been hockin' it ever since. I used my previous years as a entrepreneurial cartoonist to illustrate the book. 

To try and fit in 30 hours of stuff in a 24 hour day is a little difficult at times. I try to squeeze everything that I can into those short little passing hours. We all have 24 hours in our wallet to spend everyday, and I spend mine on some of my passions; golf, working out, trying to spend enough time sculpting as well as my other artistic pursuits.  Thus far my goal has been to try and sculpt at least one piece per month.

It took around 40 or 50 sculptures for me to really develop a style to call my own, as you look through the photo's in my gallery you will notice that no 2 sculptures really look alike.  Right now I'm stretching, trying to see where the far reaches of my imagination take me.  

That's it in a nut shell, the .25 cent tour, so to speak. I hope you enjoy your look around, drop me a quick note and let me know what's on your mind.



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