About the Author

Mark Alan is a transport refrigeration mechanic by trade, a skill learned while serving in the US Navy, and has worked the night shift, on the docks in Tacoma, Washington since leaving active duty. Mark has been married for 35 years to his junior high school sweetheart and has two sons and four grandchildren.


His interests away from the keyboard are wide-ranging and diverse and include; travel, golf, hiking, photography, fly tying, art and Airsoft to name a few. He has designed and built a line of Airsoft eye protection that he has deemed “The World’s Finest Airsoft Goggle” they have been sold in sixty-five different countries and counting. He is known throughout the Airsoft world as Bitter End; his Airsoft exploits can be followed on his team site Six-Airsoft and on his Facebook page.


Mark is always pushing his own boundaries when he creates a new piece of art and has sculpted and sold over 50 one of a kind fantasy characters. Some of his favorite pieces of art were fashioned by Mother Nature herself and just require a small modification such as this gourd and pine needles piece. Other examples require just a bit more manipulation like this leather sculpture.


Marks first book was first published in 2000, an illustrated golf humor book entitled “The Official Rules the USGA Hoped You Wouldn’t Find Out About,” co-authored by longtime golf partner DonnieV; an entertaining look how most of us hacker play the game.


Sleeper Cell – Made in America Book One is the first book of this series. If you liked this book, please return to your favorite online retailer and leave a positive review and comment, it is much appreciated!

Mount Rainier Summit


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