Ishi - For Sale $350 USD

The wind blew in hard from the east last spring, carrying Ishi on the trade winds of time. Graced with her presence at Lost Ridge, it was delightful for all of the others to rally around a stranger from another land. Overjoyed by her welcome, she entertained her new friends with a traditional ribbon dance, and won't be forgotten anytime soon!

Ishi is an original one of a kind puresculpt. She was sculpted over a brass rod armature for added strength and is a dazzling three dimensional  wonder as she floats her red ribbon around her beautifully detailed body. She stands on a sculpted stone centered in a Zen garden base. Her unique wings of rice paper and bamboo add to her wonderful Asian flare. Ishi has black Tibetan Mohair locks and hand painted eyes, she is  a total of 9" tall from the bottom of her base to the top of her out stretched ribbon.






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