Jillian - Sold

Jillian gazes up to see a her dolphin friends playfully chasing each other in a game of tag. As the setting sun starts to sink into the sea she can feel the last bit of warmth desert her cheek. It will be a full moon tonight and the ocean will give up some of her secrets for all to see.

Jillian is an original one of a kind puresculpt. She is sculpted from a custom blend of polymer clays over a strong metal and epoxy armature for added strength. She has been lightly blushed to bring out the beautiful skin tone qualities of the clay.

She is about 7" long and supported away from her resin driftwood base with a brass rod. Jillian has long brown Tibetan mohair, gorgeous brown glass eyes and her facial features have been hand painted. Her tail and webbed fingers are beautifully translucent when back lit and her scales and fin have been painted with brilliant iridescent acrylics that appear the shimmer in the light.  



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