Kain - Sold

Letting his mind wonder, Kain's thoughts are submerged in the throws of a new romance and the turmoil it will cause across the valley of Sid. The Lost Ridge has known its share of commotion, but this is about her forbidden love for him. 

Kain is an original one of a kind puresculpt and was sculpted over a braided stainless steel armature using Prosculpt clay. He has been lightly blushed using the finest heat set oils and his hair is fine Tibetan mohair. Great attention has been paid to the musculature and symmetry  of his detailed body, even down to his individually sculpted finger and toe nails. Brass tubes have been sculpted in place in his upper back for easy placement of his natural feather wings. He is modestly displayed with a loin cloth of natural leather and has been sculpted anatomically correct.

The base that comes with Kain is made of wood and the angled drift wood that Kain has chosen to relaxing on was gathered specifically for this piece as the Pacific Ocean washed it upon shore on a deserted stretch of beach in Mexico. 

Finally, the sculpture also comes with a lil' critter and companion. Tao is just over 2" long and has big beautiful eyes.  He has been detailed with the finest heat set oils and has a leather tail that is poseable in any position. Kain's little friend is covered in tiny feathers and is just adorable! 



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