Kira - For Sale $250 USD

Deep in the dark shadows, on the east edge of Lost Ridge, there is a secret passage that not many know about and even fewer have attempted to pass through. No one knows of the dangers that lie on the other side except Kira; she is the only one that has ever returned from the heavy black darkness that completely envelopes the light. Emerging from the portal, she tells of a magic picture frame ensconced on the dark wall of a two legged. The tiny sprite has only dared to explore just a few feet from the portal before rushing back, fearing it may close and she would be trapped and have no way to return.

Kira is an original one of a kind puresculpt, crafted over a strong braided stainless steel armature using Prosculpt clay and is about 6" tall. Feathered wings and a natural elk mane round out this adorable fae emerging from the secret portal.    



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