Mika - Sold

Life is a grand mystery with an infinite number of clues! It's full of simple pleasures... long walks, good books, soft kisses, and delicious chocolates! The most precious gift that you can give another is your time. Take time with a special friend and enjoy their time... share a smile, a laugh, and a tear...

Mika, is blessed with some joy and laughter with an old friend. He is about 6" tall if he were standing. Mika is sculpted over a strong brass armature for added strength. His contagious smile and light blue eyes are sure to brighten your day!  His wings are made of real Cicada wings and feathers, and his removable loin cloth is made of natural leather.  Mika has been sculpted anatomically correct. 

Careful detail has been paid to his symmetry and balance. Mika's happy go lucky life is starting to show around his mid section, he no longer has those tight muscular abs that he had as a younger Fae, and that's fine with him! He is content to experience the best that life has to offer him.



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