Not So Super Bowl XL - Sold

Well, if you watched Super Bowl XL this year with the Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburg Steelers then I don't need to explain any further. It wasn't so SUPER. It became very obvious right from the start that the officiating was going to be very one sided. Seattle's domination couldn't overcome the selective officiating. Good luck next year Seahawks...

Not So Super Bowl XL is 61/2 " tall, 8" tall with the base. He is sculpted over a strong wire armature using polymer clay. His uniform has been hand painted using the highest quality oils. His hat is removable and can be placed forward backward, or anywhere in between. 

Not So Super Bowl XL is mounted on a beautifully stained wooden base with an Astroturf insert. He is removable from the base for safer shipping. 

(No actual football referees were hurt or injured in the making of this piece)


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