The Official Rules The USGA Hoped You Wouldn't Find Out About!

Know all the rules!

Bogeytrain pullin out!

Have you ever had that familiar feeling that starts to slowly overcome all your senses just as you start your back swing?

You know the one... That ever sinking titanic feeling crashing into the very pit of your soul.

You Take a mighty Hack! A PERFECT SHOT! Right to the women's tee box.

WELL, NO MORE! What I have discovered is the proverbial secret hand shake! Sure you've probably heard rumors and innuendo's about how other golfers have posted such low scores, you on the other hand are blessed just to break 100.

You may have a swing flaw or two that could be holding you back, but for most of us the trouble lies between our ears!

We have an irresistible urge to put artificial pressures on ourselves when we play golf on a golf course. At the driving range there is no consequence for a miss hit ball! If you duff a shot... Big deal just tee up another.

Someone suggested I read the USGA rulebook. Well, I did! They seemed to have left out a lot of very important rules! Some of the very best ones that actually remove the artificial barriers that we build around us every time that we tee it up.

You see, once you know all the rules to golf, the pressure is off! You are free to swing with the same reckless abandoned and enthusiasm that you do at the driving range! Where amazingly, every ball that you hit goes exactly where you want it to!

I have put together collection of some of the best rules of golf that have ever been used out on your local links. I'm quite sure that you have probably even seen many of these rules in action but weren't sure how to properly use them. This illustrated rule book will shine the light of day on the most difficult aspect of golf...

How to take your driving range game to the golf course!

Join with Me and millions of other duffers across planet Earth and finally enjoy golf by using the real rules of golf.

Here are just a couple of examples of The Official Rules The USGA Hoped You Wouldn't Find Out About!

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